Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Klout Evil?

Klout is embarrassing. I feel guilty when I check my score. Is it just about ego affirmation?

Klout is a roller coaster. I wrote the best blog post of my life and my score went down. I re-posted someone else's funny picture on Facebook and my score soared.

Klout is depressing. I thought I was a reasonably popular guy in the real world. In the time-space continuum of the Internet according to Klout I ain't so cool. Ouch.

Klout is a Harry Potter sorting hat. On Twitter I've automated Klout scores to appear beside every post. Now I only read posts by high scorers - the Gryffindors of the Internet.

Klout is omnipotent. It knows all about you even if you aren't a member. It publishes your score even if you haven't joined. Oh well, thats what you get for living life in the public space of the Internet. Too bad.

But is Klout evil? Hardly.


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